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Papa Noël Christmas Trees serves San Antonio and Austin, Texas with the finest quality Christmas trees in America. 

Over Four Decades of Quality

For over 42 years, Papa Noël Christmas Trees has served San Antonio and Austin, Texas with the finest quality Christmas trees in America. Our award-winning trees have graced the rooms of the Driskill Hotel in Austin, and the famous River Walk in San Antonio. The 2022 Christmas Season will offer no shortage of excellence! Grown on our farms in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, each tree takes a minimum of 12 precious years to grow. In the final two years of its farming, each tree is visited up to 20 times to ensure its optimal health and beauty.

“True Fir” Trees

Not just any Christmas Tree is suitable for the Central Texas climate. In fact, most of them will shatter when exposed to the dry November heat. That is why Papa Noel only ships mountain-grown, True Fir trees to Texas. A True Fir (and Fraser and Noble are True Fir) are the most hardy of conifers. Our trees are harvested after the October frost, which puts our trees into dormancy. This ensures their hardiness and longevity. In fact, many times we load our trucks during snowstorms, and snowball fights break out while we’re unloading. At Papa Noel, we are so confident your tree will last that we guarantee each and every one.

Mountain Grown

A Papa Noël tree is no ordinary Christmas tree. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Cascades in the Pacific Northwest, Papa Noel’s Christmas trees come from some of the finest growers in the country. 

Our award-winning trees have won multiple prizes for quality on the county, state and national levels. Simply put – A Papa Noël tree is the Best!

Noble Fir from Oregon

Besides North Carolina Fraser Fir, we also offer the finest Noble Fir from the Pacific Northwest that you can get in central Texas. From one of Oregon’s premiere grower, direct to our lots in refrigerated trucks to preserve quality.

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