The 2012 Christmas Season was one to remember at Papa Noël Christmas Trees. That was the year, a very special Papa Noël tree spread joy in America’s most famous home; The White House.   A Papa Noel tree was also in the White House in 2021!





2012 NCTA Grand Champion



We were delighted that we were the winners of the 2012 National Christmas Tree Association’s Grand Champion Christmas Tree Competition. Our champion tree was selected out of 700 farms in 29 different states to present to First Lady, Michelle Obama. Since 1966 a panel of long-time growers and past winners unite each year to select the finest quality Christmas tree in America. The Grand Champion tree, which was grown on one of Papa Noël’s farms in North Carolina, traveled almost 400 miles and was the centerpiece for The White House holiday celebrations!



We Grow Quality Trees



The Grand Champion Christmas tree represents the quality we have aimed to provide those of you in Austin and San Antonio, Texas for the past 35 years. It is a distinct honor for all of us at Papa Noël to win such an honorable award and provide the tree that will journey all the way to Washington D.C., and into the Blue Room in The White House. As the tree prepares for its journey to The White House and the Christmas season approaches, we will keep you updated at Be sure to check back for updates and an exciting look back into the The White House’s Christmas celebrations!



JFK continued the white house tradition





The Papa Noel Tree delivered





Christmas Traditions At The White House



The season would not be complete without the official White House Christmas tree. Each year a special tree is featured in the Blue Room of The White House and acts a the centerpiece for the President’s joyful celebration.



The First Tree



In 1889 the first recorded Christmas tree was lit in the The White House under President Benjamin Harrison. First Lady Caroline Harrison, an artist, facilitated the decorating of the tree and paved the way for a tradition that has since become the responsibility of our First Ladies. In 1929, First Lady Lou Henry Hoover decorated The White House’s first “official” tree and in 1961, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, began the tradition of selecting a theme for our Nation’s official tree. Since 1929, no Holiday season has gone without an official White House tree.



Traditions Continue



Since 1966 The National Christmas Tree Association has provided the Blue Room of The White House with its official Christmas tree. Each year, The Grand National Champion is selected by a panel of judges and long time growers, who vote for the years finest quality tree. Over the years the official tree has acted as a symbol of unity for our country. After President Kennedy’s assassination, First Lady “Lady Bird” Johnson selected themes of comfort and nostalgia, while First Lady Laura Bush selected “Home For The Holidays” in 2001. Last year, First Lady Michelle Obama chose the theme, “Shine, Give, Share,” with a tree decorated to honor America’s servicemen and women.