Complete the cycle of your tree’s life by recycling it after the holidays! Google Christmas tree recycling to see what’s available in your area.

Real trees are biodegradable and recyclable, and during their years on farms, they actually support the environment. Each spring, growers plant one to three seedlings for each tree harvested. 

Christmas tree recycling programs are available nationwide, and many are quite creative. A farm-grown Christmas tree is 100% biodegradable, so it can be used for all kinds of things in nature, from mulch to erosion control. 

Here are some guidelines for recycling your tree and making sure it gets back into nature in a manner that supports the environment:

1. Trees 6′ or taller should be cut in half

2. Do not place your tree in a bag

3. Remove all ornaments, lights, garlands and other decorations. 

And if you live outside the Austin or San Antonio areas, be sure to look up tree recycling programs in your area.