All lots are open November 17

After hearing hundreds of times; “can I buy my tree before Thanksgiving”, we are finally able to say ‘yes’! The most common reason folks seem to want to buy their tree early is they want to jump into Christmas decorating right after the Thanksgiving meal.

Come see our friendly staff before Thanksgiving

It’s a tradition in many families to decorate the tree together and families always come together for Thanksgiving. Just yesterday a lady called asking if she could buy her tree the Saturday before Thanksgiving and when I said yes, she was absolutely thrilled. She said her daughters come home for Thanksgiving break and Christmas break but the parents didn’t want to wait until Dec 18th when the girls came home to decorate the tree, they wanted to do it at Thanksgiving. She went on to say that “since your trees are so lovely, we want to have it up as long as we can and buying it before Thanksgiving allows our daughters to join in the decorating.”

We have fresh shippments arriving Every Week until Christmas!